GAU Multicultural Summer School
Start date : 15 June - Finish date : 1 September

TransfersAirport transfer and On campus transfers ..

ActivitiesThese includeBout Trip, Golf, Diving courses,Surfing, Aqua Park, Horse Ridding

Apply Now

You can apply by writing to the representatives

DiscountTurkish Airline’s Discount

TripsOld city, Salamis Ancient City, St Barnabas, Venetian Walls of Nicosia ..

CoursesCreative kids, Elementary English Communication Skills, English Exam Preparation, etc.

What to do before Visiting Summer School

What to do before Visiting Summer School

Here below please find a list of the things you should be aware of before coming to GAU Summer School.

They are:

1. To make sure that you fill the application form correctly, then scan and send it, along with your passport and air ticket.

2. To know if you need a visa to pass throughTurkey. Students with Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakhstani, EU, Ukrainian, Kyrgyzstani, Uzbekistani, Tajikistani, Turkmenistan passport do not need to worry.

3. Health insurance should be taken from your country. However, there are 24 hour medical staffs ready in case of any emergency.

4. Northern Cyprus uses Turkish lira, American dollars, Euros, and starlings.

6. Local SIM cards will be given here to the group leaders . There is also roaming here, so you can also use your own SIM card.

5. Bring along swimming suits, towels, sports costume and shoes, good sun block cream/lotion, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, easy wear shoes, and so on. However, they are also available here, if you wish to buy them. Don’t forget if you wish to rent a car here, please bring along your driving license.

6. Bring you traditional costume if you want to join our Multicultural Summer Parties to show your culture and traditions to the other international students

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