GAU Multicultural Summer School
Start date : 15 June - Finish date : 1 September

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ActivitiesThese includeBout Trip, Golf, Diving courses,Surfing, Aqua Park, Horse Ridding

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TripsOld city, Salamis Ancient City, St Barnabas, Venetian Walls of Nicosia ..

CoursesCreative kids, Elementary English Communication Skills, English Exam Preparation, etc.

City Tours

City Tours

Educational trips will be provided for the students to various historical places in Northern Cyprus. There will be a tour guide to explain the visiting place, in order for students to gain understanding of this wonderful Island. These trips will be to Famagusta, Nicosia and of course around Girne.

Old city, Famagusta

The old city of Famagusta is encircled by the historical walls, which are massive and on average are 60 feet high and 30 feet thick and date back to mediaeval times. The walls stand intact to this day, well preserved.

Salamis Ancient City, Famagusta

The ancient city of Salamis became the capital of Cyprus as far back as 1100 BC. The city shared the destiny of the rest of the island during the successive occupations by the various dominant powers of the Near East, viz. the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and Romans. The ancient site covers an area of one square mile extending along the sea shore. There is still a large area awaiting excavation and this is forested with mimosa, pine and eucalyptus trees.

St Barnabas, Famagusta

The Monastery of St. Barnabas is at the opposite side of the Salamis-Famagusta road, by the Royal Tombs. You can easily tell it by its two fairly large domes. It was built to commemorate the foremost saint of Cyprus, whose life was so intertwined with the spread of the Christian message in the years immediately following the death of Christ.

Venetian Walls of Nicosia

The Venetian Walls of Nicosia are historic defensive fortifications located in Nicosia, on the island of Cyprus, which can still be viewed today. They are a major tourist attraction as they are some of the best preserved renaissance walls in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Venetian Walls is shared by two countries which also add to its potential.




Bellapais Abbey, Girne

To the north-east of Kyrenia (Girne), set on the side of a mountain, this twelfth-century monastery is a fine example of Gothic architecture of the Lusignan period. The abbey comprises of a church, refectory, dormitory and storage rooms grouped around an inner courtyard.

Old city, Girne

The beautiful harbor is dominated by the majestic Kyrenia Castle which houses a museum containing the remains of the one of the oldest ancient ships salvaged from the sea.

St Hilarion Castle, Girne

The castle is named, not after St. Hilarion the Great, the founder of monasticism in Palestine who died near Paphos about A.D. 371, but after a later saint, of whom little is known. He is counted among the three hundred saints who according to local tradition, sought refuge in Cyprus when the Arabs overran the Holly Land. His relics were preserved in the castle and "kept right workshipfully" according to an English visitor in the 14th century. It may be presumed that he retired to this hill-top to live the life of a hermit and that as the hermitage of St. Neophytos near Paphos, a monastery was established to shelter those who should follow his example, as well pilgrims to his tomb.







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